Welcome to White Ophthalmic Supply 2012

Phone in accounts do not automatically have an online account.. you must create one, we cannot create one for you use the button above.

PLEASE NOTE!! - there is a button CREATE NEW ACCOUNT in the menu above.  That button is the one used to create an account if you do not use that to create an account, and you send an email requesting to receive wholesale pricing that email will be ignored, requests to create an account for you are not possible and such requests will be ignored as well.  A professional business office address pertaining to the health field in some manner must be provided in the address field, if you provide a home address or leave it blank we cannot adjust your account to wholesale.  When you request your account to be set to wholesale, please provide the name used in the name location.

 In order to receive and view wholesale pricing you must have your account reviewed and set to a wholesale status.  Wholesale status will only be given to Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, other optical practices, other medical practices, hospitals or business in similar fashion.  Wholesale status is not available to the general public nor are pharmaceutical products.  Prices shown of $9999.99 indicate a product not available to your account until it is verified as wholesale. 


To register your account as wholesale, please contact us by email at orders@whiteop.ca mentioning your log-in account name.

Our complete digital catalog is available for all opticians/optometrist/ophthalmologist and other professional practices.  Please email orders@whiteop.ca with verifiable information for a link to access this.  This catalog is not available to the general public.

Current news!

Web site continues to grow24-Jul-2014

Thanks to the diligent work of Jennifer M. the website continues to have products added on an almost daily basis, and the clearance section is updated often.  Work will continue at an even pace on the website and we thank you for your patience as we get all the product onto it.


Brief Update07-May-2014

The majority of the Ophthalmic, Optometrist supplies have been added to the online catalog,  Bulbs will be a struggle but that will be in the works in the coming months.  Optical tools will also be worked on.  Please note that for our professional accounts the catalog/email/phone ordering is still accepted active and is still our focused method of sales.  If you have a professional account with us and don't have a catalog, please call in (or email) and request a catalog or request the link for the online catalog.  Please provide your account name or number to request this.


Welcome to the new Whiteop.ca page18-Feb-2014

Welcome to White Ophthalmic Supply's new website, this will be a work in progress and is done all in-house with very limited experience, so we anticipate a bit of rocky start.  Online catalogs will only be available to our supplier customers, and will need to be requested for access, via the email  orders@whiteop.ca please supply your account number for access.  Many products are not yet on and will come as we have time.  Bio Glo is in, and all back orders have been shipped, if you feel you have had an order with us prior to February and are still awaiting the product please call and confirm we had your order.