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Our complete digital catalog is available for all opticians/optometrist/ophthalmologist and other professional practices.  Please email orders@whiteop.ca with verifiable information for a link to access this.  This catalog is not available to the general public.

Current news!

Bio Glo April 29, 201529-Apr-2015

The unfortunate news has finally come down to us from the manufacturer, that our product is still being held for prolonged testing (does not look hopeful at this point), another batch has already been started in production however the ETA for this batch will be middle of July 2015 before these can be shipped out.

So ETA for availability for Bio Glo will be July 15, 2015.

We are holding and taking back orders for this product, they will go out first to additional distributors, and then out on a first ordered first out basis. There will only be a day or 2 between first ordered and last orders at this time. This may increase as back ordered volumes increase.

Meanwhile the only alternatives we are aware of are:

#0500 Fluorescein Sodium Benoxinate Hydrochloride 0.25%/0.4% 5ml

Liquid fluorescein with topical.

#0500m Fluorescein Sodium 2.0% 20x0.3ml singles

Liquid fluorescein

Both of these products are available, on the website and by direct call in.

We are doing everything possible to shorten the above time-frame. It is unfortunate that this has happened with the entire batch, however this is truly out of our hands and we have no recourse other then the re-manufacturing of the product.


New Gargoyles Sunglasses28-Jan-2015

New Gargoyles sunglasses have been added to the catalogue. Ideal for an active outdoor lifestyle.


New Products15-Jan-2015

Eye Stream eye wash, stitch scissors and iris scissors have been added to the Foreign Body Removal/Surgical catalogue.


New Product Line06-Jan-2015

A new product line from PinPoint Optics has been added to the Sunglasses/Fitovers category. New products include post op fits-over kits and night driving fits-overs.


Brief Update07-May-2014

The majority of the Ophthalmic, Optometrist supplies have been added to the online catalog,  Bulbs will be a struggle but that will be in the works in the coming months.  Optical tools will also be worked on.  Please note that for our professional accounts the catalog/email/phone ordering is still accepted active and is still our focused method of sales.  If you have a professional account with us and don't have a catalog, please call in (or email) and request a catalog or request the link for the online catalog.  Please provide your account name or number to request this.