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We are a Canadian Company, in Canada selling to Canadians. (prices are shown in Canadian funds)

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Pharmaceuticals listed at $999.99 or showing no pricing means either you are not logged in or your account is not yet set to professional see below to fix this, only professional practices have legal access to pharmaceuticals.


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Only retail items and pharmaceuticals have different pricing for professionals, tools and products rated a non-retail will have the same pricing.

Current news!

Bausch + Lomb Fluorescein Sodium & Benoxinate Hydrochloride26-May-2017

Unfortunately we have been notified that product #0500 Fluorescein Sodium & Benoxinate Hydrochloride is on long term backorder with no ETA from our supplier. As such we will not be taking orders for this product at this time. An announcement will be made on this website when this product is available to order once again.


BioGlo Status22-Mar-2017

Bio Glo

Unfortunately we are out of stock on Bio Glo and there is currently no ETA on when BioGlo will be back on the Canadian Market. At this point this product is considered discontinued. For an alternate 1mg Fluorescein Sodium strip please see DioFluor Fluorescein Strips.

Currently we are selling DioFluor for:

$27.50 per box (100 strips)

10 or more boxes $25.00 ea.

Pricing and availability is subject to change.

If Bioglo becomes available to the Canadian market in the future we will notify our customers through mailed advertisements and our websites.


New Clearance Items09-Dec-2016

Select eye charts and reading cards are moving into clearance as we make space for a new line of vision testing products.


2016/17 Catalogue and price changes21-Oct-2016

Our new catalogue for 2016/2017 is starting to ship out. New pricing will be coming into effect as of November 1, 2016.