Can I order from your web-site?

We are a Canadian company selling to Canadians, we do however export to few US distributors.


Our primary customers are Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, and any Eyecare businesses.  We also have many accounts with hospitals, doctor practices, and veterinary organizations.  We do sell to the occasional small business outside of the medical field.  Our preference is not to deal with the general public with retail items.  However some doctors will refer their patients and in some towns general public customers find it difficult to find certain products and tend to call in taxing our phone services for our primary customers.  In order to minimize this, and to account for the general public finding the information on the web for the products we carry we have implemented a suggested retail price (generally on the high side) and have set up the standard account to display and receive this pricing structure.  Regular doctor accounts should request their account to be flagged wholesale to access better pricing, along with free shipping on orders over $100.00.  Wholesale pricing is applied to retail items, regular in office use items have no restriction in prices to the general public as they are not intended for resale. Pharmaceuticals will not be sold to the general public and will display a holder price of $999.99 when viewed by a standard account.  We do not want to compete on retail items with our professional customers, we suggest that any person not in the industry first see their eye-care professional and purchase such products from them and only use us as a last resource for finding any retail items.

Retail items would include but are not limited to ... fancy contact lens cases, eyeglass cases, sunglasses, readers, fancy eye patches, contact lens accessories, lens and eyeglass cleaners, and other items that would be purchased in bulk and sold by the professionals back to the general public.

In regards to non retail items our target market are trained professionals and we have no problem receiving questions about the products we carry and the usage of those products from our wholesale customers.  Questions on products by the general public will be ignored if they are relating to products that a trained individual would be taught in the field or through schooling, and would suggest if you have such questions about a product, you should not be purchasing or using such a product without proper training.


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