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We are a Canadian Company, in Canada selling to Canadians. (prices are shown in Canadian funds)

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Pharmaceuticals listed at $999.99 or showing no pricing means either you are not logged in or your account is not yet set to professional see below to fix this, only professional practices have legal access to pharmaceuticals.


If you are a professional practice and wish to have professional pricing , access to pharmaceuticals and free shipping on orders over $100.00.


1. Create a new account using the Create New Account button above. (Even if you have a call in account)


2. After you have created an account, reply to your confirmation email that we send you requesting we upgrade your account to professional.


3. We will email you once your account is set to professional, and then when you log in from then on you have access to those features.


4. To avoid problems with pharmaceutical pricing, when your logged in please select any product menu besides pharmaceuticals then you may enter pharmaceuticals.



Only retail items and pharmaceuticals have different pricing for professionals, tools and products rated a non-retail will have the same pricing.

Current news!

Diofluor Fluorescein Strips - Now Available06-Jun-2019

#0502z Dioptics Diofluor strips are back in stock and available to order through our website.

Additionally, all back orders have been shipped and should be arriving at their desitnations over the next week.


Error on Website07-May-2019

Terribly Sorry, however if you tried to place an order, or create an account Monday May 6, 2019, and Morning Tuesday May 7, 2019, an error was found and has now been corrected.  The error was in the method the captcha module was implemented. Sorry for the inconvenience.